Neighbors creating a unique and safe wellness experience that gives back to the community.

Rollin’ on the River is an annual Inline Marathon in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The marathon brings together community members, out-of-towners, and professional inline skaters for an overall experience.Board members, volunteers, and event sponsors make Rollin’ on the River possible and dedicate their time and resources to the event.

Want to volunteer or sponsor our race? Email: GFRollinontheRiver@gmail.com

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Rollin 2018 Map 8.21

Rollerblade free skate info:

All names of racers for the full recreational marathon, half recreational marathon and Family Fun Skate of Racers who are skating the race for the first time will have their names go into a drawing for free skates. The winner’s name will be drawn at the Awards Ceremony following the races. The winner will be provided with the contact person at Rollerblade so they will be able to order their correct size.

Rollerblade Skate Information:

Description of the Endurace 110:
Revolutionary 2 IN 1 Premium marathon skate for the fitness enthusiast and racer looking to train, exercise or simply advance their technique with a skate that can be both a mid profile and race skate.Endurace 110 creates new standards of versatility, performance and breathability. The Removable Cuff System (RCS) allows skaters to change the skate from a medium height cuff to a race style skate with superior padding, more support and no break-in time. Carbon shell reinforces efficiency in the stride and balance while gliding. In addition, 3WD frames, SUPREME wheels and Twincam bearings add the extra speed. Breathability is achieved with mesh panels in the uppers and the Dynamic Airflow Spoiler (DAS) keeping your feet drier by directing air to the spoiler and through the vented soles.07846400787_ENDURACE_110_PHOTO-OUTSIDE_SIDE_VIEW(1)