Race Day Information

Welcome to Rollin’ on the River Inline Marathon!

Welcome to Rollin on the River Inline Marathon. Our race is on a flat course that goes along the Red River. There are no hills, only a few small climbs to get on and off the Greenway portion of our course. Helmets are Required to participate, and there is a three-hour time limit to complete the race.

Racers receive a race shirt during packet pick-up and will receive their finisher medal once they cross the finish line.

Can’t remember if you are registered or have any questions. Please contact us at GFRollinontheRiver@gmail.com.

Lodging Option for Participants:

Please check back soon for information.

General Race Information:


All races will have a gun start with a chip finish across the finish line. Bibs must be worn on the chest and right hip for timing purposes.

Packet Pick Up: You can pick up your packet Friday Evening, August 18th, from 4:30PM – 8:00PM at Scheel’s in the Columbia Mall or on Saturday morning before the race. THERE IS NO DAY OF REGISTRATION!

Parking: Free parking is available in the Icon Sports Center Lot located off 47th Avenue South. Please park in the designated “Event Parking” areas.

Weather permitting, all races start at 7:00 AM. There are mile markers, direction signs, spray-painted arrows on the grass, and chalk on the sidewalk along the course. Please pay attention to all directional signs.

Race Course:

Rollin’ on the River is a closed-course race that rolls through the residential streets of Grand Forks. We can’t monitor every driveway and need to allow these residents to leave their neighborhoods. Please be aware that some cars will access the course, and we will reroute them as quickly as possible. Most intersections are monitored by a traffic control volunteer, Grand Forks Police officer, or County of Grand Forks Sheriff, who will be rerouting cars to take different paths and/or holding them back until each racer passes by safely.

Please be mindful of road conditions. We strive to maintain the best road conditions possible, thanks to the City of Grand Forks and the County of Grand Forks. There is always the possibility of cracks, bumps, “tar snakes,” sand, rocks, water bottles, garbage, and other obstructions. Basic first aid will be available at the finish line. There will be roving police cars along the course. Each participant agrees they are participating at their own risk and accepts the risks inherent in the sport. All medical expenses incurred by participants are the responsibility of the participant.

Full Inline & Cycling Marathon:

Please arrive at 5:30 AM at the inflatable arch behind The Other Half Coffee & Brewhouse at 4571 South Washington Street. If you plan to have your bike transported to the starting line, you are responsible for loading and unloading it yourself. We will have blankets there to be placed in between cycles. This course is NOT a loop, so if we are not transporting you and your bike to the start line, you will need someone to bring you to the start line at Central Valley School in Buxton, ND.

You will be bussed to the starting line in Buxton, ND, at 5:45 AM, 6:00 AM, or 6:15 AM. You will be given a large plastic bag for your belongings that can be dropped off at the Full Marathon starting line. Please write your bib number on the bag and give it to a volunteer. We are not liable for lost or damaged items. Please do not include anything fragile or valuable in your bag. Bags will be bussed back to the starting line and can be picked up by the food & beverage area.

The Finish Line narrows to 16 feet, 100 yards before the finish line; please be aware of this!

Half Marathon:

Please arrive at 6:30 AM at the inflatable arch at 4571 South Washington Street. You will be led by a cyclist.

The Finish Line narrows to 16 feet, 100 yards before the finish line; please be aware of this!


Water Stations: There will be three water stations along the course. The first is at mile 10 of the full marathon. The second is at mile 20, and the third is along the Greenway. Please dispose of your water bottles responsibly.

Bathrooms: There will be portable restrooms at the Full Marathon start and at the Food & Beverage area near the finish line.

Food & Beverage Area: There will be refreshments at the end of the race generously provided by our sponsors. Please reserve the food for racers only.

Award Ceremony:

There will be an award ceremony at approximately 10:00 AM. Awards will be given to the top three finishers per race category. Pro Full Men, Pro Full Master, Full Women, Rec Full Men & Women, Half Men and Women, and the top three Cyclists. The first-place winner for each division wins a FREE 2023 entry to the 12th Annual Rollin’ on the River Marathon.

Race Day Schedule:

5:15 AM: Pre-registered racers may pick up bibs and race chips in the South parking lot at Icon Arena (1060 47th Ave South, Grand Forks, ND). NOTE:  There is no day-of-race registration. Your last chance to register is Friday, August 18th, from 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM at Scheels inside the Columbia Mall

5:45 AM, 6:00 AM, 6:15 AM: Buses depart from Icon Arena for Full Marathon Starting Line at Central Valley High School

6:50 AM: Call to Line-up

7:00 AM: Inline Marathon starts at Central Valley School in Buxton (weather permitting)

7:00 AM: Inline Half Marathon begins at Icon Arena (weather permitting)

7:10 AM: Cycling Marathon starts at Central Valley School in Buxton (weather permitting)

10:00 AM: Racecourse re-opened to traffic. All skaters & cyclists must be off the course by 10:00 AM; you will be asked to exit the course if you have not finished the race.

Registration for 2024:

Registration opens for the 2024 Race on September 1st, 2023. We are so thankful you are here!